2pcs of Key Tags + SAMSUNG SHS-D500 digital door lock keyless touchpad security EZON + Hook Style Drop Bolt

$165.00 (as of August 17, 2019, 11:54 am)

Touch-screen based
Dual-way security through magic number
Access method(Password, KeyTag, Credit Card etc)

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Protected From electric shocks
By pplying the circuit technology that can resist high-voltage electric shock. safety was once increased

Fire Detection Sensor mounted
If the indoor temperature is detected to be 60 degrees or above, an alarm sounds simutaneously with the automatic release of lock of the door

Manual switchgear mounted
with the electronic operating feature damaged, the door can also be opened by way of manual lever.

Intrusion detection alarm sound
In terms of physical shocks or repeated errors in gainging authentication for Get entry to, alarm is sounded to reduce the intrusion accidnts.

Crime setting feature
to prevent intrusion when you find yourself going out, this feature sounds alarm if the doorlock is operated inside the home.

Automatic lock/lockout feature
You would not have to worry anymore about forgetting to lock the door as the door locks automatically as soon as it is closed.

Hook Style Drop Bolt
Powerful Door lock
Touch-screen based
Dual-way security through magic number
Get entry to method(Password, KeyTag, Credit Card and so on)
Hook Style Drop Bolt /Powerful Door lock
Good thickness of the door is between 32mm and 50mm.

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